Kickstarter launch date!


“The Murder Club: Useless Deaths – Part 2” Kickstarter is going live on April 4th 😀

Start spreading the word and the preview link (

Not sure if it’s your kind of thing? Well then grab the whole first chapter of Part 1 right now! (<- GDrive link)

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The Murder Club Part 2 Kickstarter – preview it now!

You read that right! The Kickstarter for Part 2 of The Murder Club: Useless Deaths is going live very soon.

But for now you can view an early preview of the campaign at the link below. I would love to hear any feedback you have on the campaign or rewards, so I can make this as enticing as possible for when it kicks off.


Now is the perfect time to join The Murder Club

Lots of The Murder Club news, so let’s dive in…

I had my first comic convention of the year on Saturday – True Believers in Cheltenham. I think the bad weather put some people off from going, but I still had a great time. Sold some copies of The Murder Club, went to a panel talk on comic Kickstarters (relevant – see later!) and bought an incredibly expensive cup of tea to keep me going through the afternoon. I won’t be at their Summer Variant in Gloucester, but I will definitely be signing up for next year’s event, so check it out and I might see you there!

But this means that if you missed True Believers, how are you going to get yourself a print copy of The Murder Club? Well, the lovely people at the Vault 29 online store are selling some at this very link. If you pop over there it’s just £7 for a physical copy sent direct to your letterbox!

My next convention is Leamington Comic Con in April, which is some time away, so I highly encourage you to pop over to Vault 29 now and bag yourself my graphic novel.

If you prefer reading your comics digitally, then you can of course always get a copy on Amazon, ComiXology, via the ComicHaus App, DriveThruComics, and on

And in other news, I am currently preparing the Kickstarter for Part 2! I’m going to launch in March and planning to deliver the printed versions in May. I will of course be announcing it on here, on Twitter and Facebook, but if you follow the campaign for part 1 or myself on the Kickstarter website, you will be notified directly when the new campaign goes live. I’m excited for this one as I left you on a bit of a cliffhanger at the end of Part 1 and still feel guilty about that! I can’t wait to get this out there and see the reaction to the whole story.

For now, here’s a sneak peek of the cover image. See you soon!

New Year Progress

Well isn’t 2018 turning out to be interesting? Ignoring world events however, here’s what I’ve been doing this first two weeks:

  • Level design for futuristic racing game GRIPtheir website is here, and you can see my grinning mug on their “Team” page

If you’re thinking “level design?” then this is what I used to do full time before I decided to follow my calling / robots took my job / redundancy made me go freelance.

  • The Murder Club: Useless Deaths Part 2 – I’m now officially half-way through the art! Progress is on track and I’ll hopefully have details of the Kickstarter soon.

Lisa Angry

  • Getting ready for True Believers on Feb 3rd! The first comiccon of the year fast approaches 😀

I’m also thinking of doing a blog series on how to create a graphic novel, depending on the interest. It will be from the indie perspective and include everything from creating a story, planning your workload, art tips and creating the actual digital files, through to advertising and distributing your work. Basically everything I’ve done with The Murder Club distilled into a “here’s what I did that worked and didn’t”. Hopefully it will be useful to anyone planning to do the same as me.

But… must finish my art first 😀


It’s that time of year!

That’s right folks, it’s almost that time of year when I start planning what I’m going to be working on next year 😀

The plan is to complete The Murder Club: Useless Deaths – Part 2 (my spreadsheet tells me I’m 43% of the way through the art right now) and then finish off the third Powerless book.

Comic Covers

I hope to launch the Kickstarter for TMC Part 2 in March for release in May (you can find the original Kickstarter here). Then the first draft of book #3 should be done by July/August for a release in October/November time. After that it all depends on how the graphic novel and book fare sales-wise. If The Murder Club does well, then I already have a second volume outlined with part of a script. Otherwise I have an idea ready for book #4, which still needs outlining.

Book Covers

And I would still like to make a game at some point too. But if you thought writing a book or creating a graphic novel was time consuming, then making games is a factor of 10 harder. Not to mention I’m currently working on two games anyway! I’m a level designer on the early access racing game GRIP, a spiritual successor to the old PS1 game Rollcage (if you remember that), and a game designer on the first-person shooter Atrocity: Field of Hands.

So yes, I’m going to be busy for the next twleve months, but to be honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way 😀

Oh, and I hope you’re all keeping toasty warm at home/work/wherever you are today. Just had an interesting slide in the car to drop my wife off at the train station this morning, so do take care of yourselves.


P.S. Don’t forget, there’s still time to buy my stuff before Christmas! You can get all of them on Amazon or if you’re wanting a physical copy of The Murder Club, or anything else, then get in touch with me with your details and I’ll send you a PayPal pay link and get it in the post to you!

MCM Birmingham this coming weekend

Hello everyone! My last appearance for the year is fast approaching.

This 18th-19th November is the MCM Birmingham Comic Con at the NEC –

So if you want to come along to the biggest comics/film/media events in the Midlands, there’s still time to grab yourself some tickets. And do get them online – you absolutely don’t want to be stuck in double queues on the day, i.e. a queue to get a ticket, then the queue to get into the hall.

And seriously, this show is big! You could spend an entire day there and not see everything. But if you come along to the Comic Village you’ll find me selling The Murder Club and Some Kind of Hero as well as loads of other amazing comic creators.

See you there 😀

Nottingham Comic Con this Saturday!

This Saturday 14th I’ll be at the Nottingham Comic Con, where you’ll be able to buy my newly released dark psychological graphic novel The Murder Club, and my one-off contemporary superhero comic Some Kind of Hero.

This is my first time up in Nottingham, but I’ve heard good things about it, so hoping to have a good day. I’ll be on table L03 on the lower level – see you all there 😀

Thought Bubble 2017

Hello again,

Now that ICE is done and I’ve finished putting up my mum’s fence (don’t ask) I am now looking ahead to Thought Bubble 2017 in Leeds on the 23rd-24th September.

I’ll be there in the Leeds Town Hall Marquee on Table 44 selling and signing copies of The Murder Club and Some Kind of Hero.

This is the first TBF I’ve ever been to, and since I’ve heard many good things about it over the years I’m really excited to finally get a table there. Just hoping they have heating in the marquee! And if I’m not at my table, I’ll be the blue car circling the one-way system for the 100th time 🙂

ICE Convention 9th September

The International Comcs Expo (ICE) 2017 is happening next Saturday 9th September at the Holiday Inn Birmingham (just down from Nostalgia & Comics), and I’ll be there!

This will be my third ICE and I’m really looking forward to it. It’s one of my favourites of the convention year, mainly because of it’s strong focus on just comics – not so much the film and TV media side.

This will be the official convention launch of “The Murder Club”, which you can get signed and will be going for a special launch price of just £6! You can also get a cool pin badge of the logo for £2 if you buy it with the comic, and of course I will be selling all my previous work, including my first comic “Some Kind of Hero”.


Hope to see you there next week! Tony.


SKoH ComicTMC badge

ICE poster

The Murder Club – comic launch news

It’s approaching time for The Murder Club launch, and here’s how you can get involved:

  1. Pre-order at Amazon!
    • The digital version launches Saturday 19th August and you can pre-order a copy right now! The comic will be available at all other major digital stores too (ComiXology, DriveThruComics, ComicHaus etc., but they will only go live on the day itself)
  2. Come to the launch event for the print version!
    • There is a FREE launch event happening on Tuesday 22nd August, 6-8pm at Geek Retreat Birminghamgrab a FREE ticket at EventBrite and I’ll see you there 🙂
  3. Come to ICE Birmingham for the convention launch!

Outside of that news, all Kickstarter rewards have now been sent, so if you’re a backer in the UK expect them to arrive by the weekend, and if you’re overseas then within a couple of weeks.

Oh, and for my Australian backer, I decided not to go for the cheaper postage option as that could take up to 84 days!!! How are they getting it there, a chain of trebuchets? Attaching it to a “Happy 40th!” balloon and just letting it go? Good grief!

Anyway, at least that’s all dealt with and I can now focus on the launch itself. If you can make Birmingham on the 22nd or ICE next month I’d love to see you there.

All the best, Tony.