A summary of my work – Or “What I did in the last 5 years”

I’ve had this blog for nearly 10 years now – my first post was in June 2006 and yes, it was a boring “Hello world!” article. Back then it was mostly about videogames and gaming, but slowly morphed into a… Continue Reading

Self publishing: where do you go?

!LONG POST WARNING! 😀 If you’re just starting out in self-publishing, it can be a bit daunting nowadays with so many places to sell your work. It used to be simple: Amazon or nothing. In fact, before Amazon, it was… Continue Reading

“The Resurrection Tree” now available everywhere again!

My short story collection “The Resurrection Tree and Other Stories” is now available everywhere again, having been part of Amazon’s KDP Select for 6 months. I made it exclusive as an experiment earlier this year, then forgot to untick the… Continue Reading

Higgs & Soap – #Amazon pre-orders open – early-bird price!

Amazon pre-orders are now open for Higgs & Soap: Galaxy Delivery! Get the book for only $0.99 until the 7th August, at which time the price goes up. And of course, you can still pre-order from Smashwords, iTunes and everywhere… Continue Reading