April updates and a get FREE copy of my book!

Hello all,

Well that’s April almost over and we’re a third of the way through 2016! Bring on the Summer 😀

It’s been a busy one here. Even ignoring the DIY I’ve been doing, I’ve launched my comic digitally, made a proper start to book #3 in the “Powerless” series and have started planning a “Visual Novel” style game. Not to mention I was at the Birmingham Comics Festival last Saturday and took some photos with which I used to inaugurate my Instagram account.

Also, I’m putting a few chapters of Higgs & Soap: Galaxy Delivery up on Wattpad – currently only four, but I’ll add a few more over the coming weeks to allow anyone to get a feel for the story and sense of humour before they decide whether to click down the digital dollar for it.

So what’s next? Well there are no more cons until June, so I’ve got time to carry on writing the next book. I also want plan out the game idea I have, so I can work out how long it would take to make and schedule it. Current estimate is 2 years (yikes!), so it might have to be something that carries on in the background for now.

“Yes, yes Tony, but what about that FREE copy of your book?”

And here was I thinking you followed me for my sparkling wit 🙂  Well, you can get a free copy of Powerless by signing up to my mailing list. I promise no more than one email a month (most likely far less frequent than that) full of random comments, exclusive updates and offers and behind-the-scenes info you can’t get anywhere else. So give me your email address and I’ll give you superheroes! Sounds like a fair deal to me.



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