I’m going to Thought Bubble!

Thought Bubble Logo

I am very happy to announce that I have managed to get a table for this year’s Thought Bubble Festival! Thought Bubble is the UK’s premier comics and comic art festival, with a curated list for anyone wishing to sell their goods there, so I am chuffed to have got in. Even getting on their reserve list (which it seems I was) is an achievement.

So I will be in Leeds on the 18th-24th September this year, selling The Murder Club (which will be completed and published by then) as well as Some Kind of Hero.

I’m really excited about this one (as you can tell). The only other really comparable convention is The Lakes International Comic Art Festival, which I have also applied to enter (but won’t hear about until June), and also attracts big names in the world of comics, as well as hundreds of independent creators.

Thought Bubble is a bit earlier this year (usually November) and is a bit more central in the city, but I have no frame of reference, so have no idea whether this will affect it for the better or worse. All the same, it looks like it will be a great event, and I will share more details as I get them.



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