Current and future work plans

Yes indeed! I have planned out what I’m going to be doing next in terms of personal work, and have decided to share my plan with you so you can shame me later when I spectacularly fail to accomplish any of it:

  1. Complete chapters 1-3 of The Murder Club Part 1 – This is ongoing with only a few small elements to finish, mostly some panel background detail, text/legal pages and the front cover.
  2. Plan and prepare the Kickstarter for The Murder Club Part 1 – The idea is that this will go live mid-June (after the Election chaos is out of the way) to finish in July, for final release in August.
  3. Continue with the third book in the Powerless series – It’s already around 40k words out of a predicted 120k, so ‘just’ need to finish that off to get a first draft done.
  4. More short stories and art – I will continue to create exclusive short stories and artwork for my Patreon followers, but also a longer short story I want to submit to some SF magazines.
  5. Continue with the art for chapters 4-6 of The Murder Club Part 1 – I will carry on with this in the background. The vigour with which I proceed will be determined by how well Part 1 is received. But however Part 1 sells I will still finish the final 3 chapters, as all the writing, roughs and layouts are done and I personally want to see the whole project completed. Plus I don’t want to leave anyone hanging 🙂
  6. Some super secret project work in the background – This is so super secret I can’t even tell you I’m working on it! Oh… bugger.

And there we have it! At first pass this smells like it might just work, but as always I’ll keep you up to date with what’s happening with me on here as well as my Twitter feed and Facebook page.



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