Kickstarter success – “The Murder Club” Reviews – Edge-Lit this weekend

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted and a few things have happened, so let’s get listing!

  • The Murder Club Kickstarter finished, just tripping over the finish line on the final day! This means I now have the funds I need to get 200 copies of the graphic novel printed, along with 43 backers, and I’m almost ready to send the final pages off – I’m just waiting on the last few surveys to come back. I’ve already thanked them directly via Kickstarter, but it can’t help to give another big thanks to everyone who pledged to make this happen – it really does mean a lot, not to mention you get a cool graphic novel at the end of it!


  • I have three reviews! Two came in as the Kickstarter was ongoing, and the third dropped shortly after. Luckily, they are all very positive and I’m pleased with the feedback I’ve had so far. Here they are:


  • This Saturday 15th June I’m in Derby at Edge-Lit 6, a science fiction, fantasy and horror literature convention – there promises to be loads of panels, workshops and more, along with some big name guests, so worth looking into. I’ll have a dealer’s table there selling my usual books, so hope you can make it.

And that’s it. Well there’s more actually, like I’m working on the concluding part of the graphic novel, I’m also doing some freelance level design work and finishing off some DIY in the house, so there’s plenty to keep me occupied!

Till next time, Tony.


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