New Year Progress

Well isn’t 2018 turning out to be interesting? Ignoring world events however, here’s what I’ve been doing this first two weeks:

  • Level design for futuristic racing game GRIPtheir website is here, and you can see my grinning mug on their “Team” page

If you’re thinking “level design?” then this is what I used to do full time before I decided to follow my calling / robots took my job / redundancy made me go freelance.

  • The Murder Club: Useless Deaths Part 2 – I’m now officially half-way through the art! Progress is on track and I’ll hopefully have details of the Kickstarter soon.

Lisa Angry

  • Getting ready for True Believers on Feb 3rd! The first comiccon of the year fast approaches 😀

I’m also thinking of doing a blog series on how to create a graphic novel, depending on the interest. It will be from the indie perspective and include everything from creating a story, planning your workload, art tips and creating the actual digital files, through to advertising and distributing your work. Basically everything I’ve done with The Murder Club distilled into a “here’s what I did that worked and didn’t”. Hopefully it will be useful to anyone planning to do the same as me.

But… must finish my art first 😀



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