Hire me!

That’s right, I am a full-time freelance writer and you can hire me! I am ideally suited to writing for video games, but if you have a pitch for short stories, a novella or longer, then do still get in touch.

I have sixteen years experience inside the games industry (LinkedIn) with over two years experience writing novels and short stories (Facebook | Amazon).

I know game development and production inside out and understand that if your game involves any kind of narrative, it pays to have the writer on board as early as possible. I can work with you from beginning to end, helping with concepting, feeding into level design (if required), creating and managing string tables to your specification, doing the actual writing (of course!), all the way through to testing and helping with submission materials.

However, I also understand that sometimes the idea for the story comes last, after the sweat has been poured into making the game itself! In that case, I am flexible enough to work with whatever you have, to create a world or story that fits without feeling ‘bolted on’.

I am full-time, will work to deadlines (as long as they are achievable in the first place obviously 🙂 ) and you will have my complete attention for your project. No job too big or too small.

Please contact me at ‘tonycooperauthor at gmail dot com’ for rates, and for a link to my portfolio. Don’t hesitate to fire any questions my way.

Look forward to hearing from you!