A summary of my work – Or “What I did in the last 5 years”

I’ve had this blog for nearly 10 years now – my first post was in June 2006 and yes, it was a boring “Hello world!” article. Back then it was mostly about videogames and gaming, but slowly morphed into a… Continue Reading

Oh the mistakes I’ve made – self-pub advice

Hello all, I thought it might be interesting and useful, especially for those either considering or just starting out in self publishing, to list here a few of my early mistakes. Some were minor, some were major (in hindsight) and… Continue Reading

Self-publishing thoughts 2014

I did this last year, and figured (see what I did there?) I would do the same again, now that I have two books released. There are already some authors who release this info publically, notably J.A. Konrath who has… Continue Reading