The comic is at the printers, and I’m writing the next book

The final, final version of my comic Powerless: Some Kind of Hero was sent to the printer yesterday, so pretty soon, some big boxes will be arriving on my doorstep! I have to say, I checked the proof PDF so many times my eyes were glazing over, but only spotted a few changes to make. And that’s it, it’s finished! Feels oddly anti-climatic after the six months of work I’ve put into it, but in some ways I also feel happy to have done it too. I guess the proof will be if people like it, and I should be finding that out soon enough.

Now that the print edition is sorted I can get the digital version done. I will be sending that out to all my backers soon, then I will be ramping up to a full digital release on ComiXology, DriveThruComics and others at the start of April.

Meanwhile, I have started writing the third book in my Powerless series. Well, I had already started last year, but I have finalised the outline now and started work in earnest. Currently at 22,500 words out of 125k, and I intend to release before the end of the year. More info on that as it progresses.

And finally, after spending six months creating a comic, which is the longest period I have ever done any regular drawing for, I have decided to keep up the art on the side. I have learned so much over the last half-year, and I don’t want to let that slide. So I will be sketching at least a couple of times a week, and thought you might want to see my first – 30 minutes drawing by eye from a photo, done in Manga Studio (still playing around with brush types to find out what they all do). Let me know if you recognise who she is. If you do, then I will know you like quality French TV 🙂




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