It’s that time of year!

That’s right folks, it’s almost that time of year when I start planning what I’m going to be working on next year 😀

The plan is to complete The Murder Club: Useless Deaths – Part 2 (my spreadsheet tells me I’m 43% of the way through the art right now) and then finish off the third Powerless book.

Comic Covers

I hope to launch the Kickstarter for TMC Part 2 in March for release in May (you can find the original Kickstarter here). Then the first draft of book #3 should be done by July/August for a release in October/November time. After that it all depends on how the graphic novel and book fare sales-wise. If The Murder Club does well, then I already have a second volume outlined with part of a script. Otherwise I have an idea ready for book #4, which still needs outlining.

Book Covers

And I would still like to make a game at some point too. But if you thought writing a book or creating a graphic novel was time consuming, then making games is a factor of 10 harder. Not to mention I’m currently working on two games anyway! I’m a level designer on the early access racing game GRIP, a spiritual successor to the old PS1 game Rollcage (if you remember that), and a game designer on the first-person shooter Atrocity: Field of Hands.

So yes, I’m going to be busy for the next twleve months, but to be honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way 😀

Oh, and I hope you’re all keeping toasty warm at home/work/wherever you are today. Just had an interesting slide in the car to drop my wife off at the train station this morning, so do take care of yourselves.


P.S. Don’t forget, there’s still time to buy my stuff before Christmas! You can get all of them on Amazon or if you’re wanting a physical copy of The Murder Club, or anything else, then get in touch with me with your details and I’ll send you a PayPal pay link and get it in the post to you!


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